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Pualani’s Hula Studio is the entry point for all incoming Hula and Tahitian dance students. The program at the studio gives the student a basic understanding of the steps and mechanics of the dance forms. When students are ready, they perform at various events and functions throughout the year.


For those students who show a desire and aptitude for further cultural studies, Halau ‘O Pualani provides a deeper exploration of the stories, legends, myths, culture, and language of the islands of Hawai’i. Students at the Halau work at an intense level of dancing and are regularly required to demonstrate their understanding, knowledge, and skill through participation in cultural events, competitions, and class activities. Only students who are selected by na kumu hula (the instructors) are admitted into the Halau.



Tahitian dance classes are offered to both men and women over the age of 12. Tahitian Drumming is also offered. Dancers are accompanied by live drumming at their classes, and introductory, intermediate, and advanced dancers all work together to develop style and unity in their dance. Advanced dancers are encouraged to assist the less experienced dancers with technique and basic skills.



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